Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tourists and Travelers

Being a tourist: paying a hefty entrance fee to visit a king penguin colony.
Being a traveler: having a local friend give you two gentoo penguin eggs (hard-boiled) for breakfast a couple days later.

Our friend warned us that the whites would stay translucent after the eggs had been boiled.

They tasted great - thanks to our "local friend"!

From what I gather, collecting penguin eggs is a long-standing part of life in the Falklands, just like collecting seabird eggs is a long-standing part of life in out-of-the-way northern locales.  We felt lucky to be able to experience that bit of traditional Falklands life.


  1. Wow! So if you boil a chicken egg for 10 minutes, how long for these giant things. And is the "white" still called the "white?" Protein content still there? Very interesting.

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